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Welcome to Film/Art Gallery, where you'll find thousands of exceptional vintage film posters from around the world: everything from well-known classics to rare and unique cult titles. We're located in Los Angeles, and if you'd like to drop by and view any poster, just contact us for an appointment. For more information click here. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

Old film posters are more than just a good conversation piece. They are a good investment and a way to bring more joy to your home or workplace. Movie poster art is now recognized as one of the leading art forms of the 20th century, and these vintage movie posters show more than they tell. For many films, the original movie posters had to distill 2 hours or more of film into a single image.

Purchasing authentic movie posters is now just like purchasing art by Monet or Van Gogh. Old movie posters are rare, and their condition dictates their price to a certain extent. For a true classic film, check out our “Blow Up” movie poster selection.

The Evolution of Vintage Movie Posters

Vintage movie posters tell us so much. Beyond providing details about a particular film, they're repositories of information about the time in which the film was made, as well as the cultural and stylistic influences that existed within the film and society itself. What goes into a Hollywood movie poster may seem second nature, but there's no reason for them to fit any particular pattern, and they've changed dramatically over the years. Here's a primer on the evolution of the movie poster.