Vintage original silkscreen poster for the Stanley Kubrick film The Shining The Saul Bass Archive At Film Art Gallery

Saul Bass Vintage Movie Posters - New Releases

Bass on... Titles, Popular Arts, Why Man Creates, The Sun and THE SHINING

Dear Friends and Movie Lovers-

Hello from Hollywood. I want to start by thanking everyone for the enthusiastic response and kind emails that we've received in the weeks since launching the Saul Bass Archive. After years of hard work, it's been very gratifying to share the posters with collectors.

In addition to the initial group of silkscreens, we are now excited to offer posters for the short films of Saul Bass. Most of these are rarely seen, and there are some real gems; plus they all represent a sort of double dose of Bass: posters he designed for films he created. Here's a chance to own an original Saul Bass poster, from the artist's own archive, and at prices that will be affordable to many - if not most - Saul Bass fans.

There are two strikingly different posters for the Oscar-winning WHY MAN CREATES  - one a witty and wonderful design measuring 9"x110" and the other featuring a striking Giacometti-esque figure before a sunset. There are two styles for the ever-relevant THE SOLAR FILM along with posters for QUEST and NOTES ON THE POPULAR ARTS. And finally, there's BASS ON TITLES, which is a great illustration of Saul's famous quote, "Design is thinking made visible": a simple yet brilliant concept, beautifully realized. That's Saul Bass.
Saul Bass Why Man Creates Vintage Movie Posters
Saul Bass The Solar Film Vintage Movie Posters
Saul Bass Bass On Titles Vintage Movie Posters
Saul Bass The Solar Film Vintage Movie Posters
Saul Bass Notes On The Popular Arts Vintage Movie Posters
Saul Bass Quest Vintage Film Posters
Saul Bass The Shining Jack Nicholson Vintage Movie Posters Silkscreen
Finally, in response to popular demand, we are releasing one copy of what has been the most-requested Saul Bass silkscreen film poster: the powerful, iconic red design for Stanley Kubrick's THE SHINING. There was only one print run for this hugely popular title, and they rarely surface. We are offering only one at this time, and you can find it here.

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