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Saul Bass Vintage Movie Posters

Short Films

This is a selection of original vintage movie posters from the archive of Saul Bass.

Saul Bass and Elaine Bass began to make short films in the early 1960s. For almost a decade, they had been creating titles and internal sequences for some of the most creative directors in the film industry. While each movie had presented different problems to solve, one condition had remained constant - the movie belonged to someone else. Their next step as filmmakers was to strike out on their own.

Over the years, their short films progressed from the captivating tone poems made for the 1964 World's Fair to increasingly complex philosophical narratives and meditations. In 1974, Saul completed his only feature, Phase IV, released by Paramount Pictures. Although Saul quipped that he wanted to make films with beginnings, middles and ends, he and Elaine often used non-sequential structures that relied on an accumulation of images, mood, ideas and narratives. They were adept at fashioning an impressionistic whole out of individual sequences that added up to more than the sum of their parts. The short films garnered a host of awards from film festivals all over the world, including top prizes at Venice and Moscow, as well as two Oscar nominations and one Oscar win.

The striking visual style of the now vintage movie posters is reflected upon when Saul Bass was asked about which specific attributes graphic designers brought to the process and film making, Saul replied: "The designer's general visual awareness is unquestionably helpful - this plus the kind of understanding he has about the particular problem he is dealing with from a content point of view. But the qualities that make a graphic designer a good filmmaker really haven't got to do with the specific aesthetics of design. They have more ato do with his sense of story, his inventiveness and his visual/aural sensitivity."

We hope you enjoy this selection of vintage original film posters from Saul Bass.