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December 2022 New Movie Poster Arrivals

Blockbusters! The greatest films of all time! The greatest gifts of all time! The wildest Muppet of all time! All here.

Dear Friends and Movie Lovers:

Hello from Hollywood. Before getting to the new lineup, I wanted to note today's big film news: the once-a-decade Sight and Sound "Greatest Films of All Time" list dropped and featured some dramatic shifts. Chantal Akerman's JEANNE DIELMAN made its debut at number 1, pushing VERTIGO to 2nd place. 

We're lucky to have some great posters for films in the top 20: CITIZEN KANE (#3), IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (#5), 2001 (#6), MULHOLLAND DRIVE (#8), SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (#10), THE GODFATHER (#12), CLEO FROM 5 TO 7 (#14), PERSONA (#18), APOCALYPSE NOW (#19) plus this stunning newly acquired Japanese poster for John Ford's THE SEARCHERS (#15)

Now back to the new batch, which is blockbuster-heavy, featuring several of the most popular and wished-for perfect-gift 1 Sheets around.
Other highlights include that irresistible Polish MUPPET MOVIE; the 20"x40" 2001 by "Personality Posters"; Japanese TIFFANY'S & JULIET OF SPIRITS; BANDE A PART + more:
New Acquisitions 

All Best-
Matthew McCarthy
Film/Art Gallery
The Saul Bass Archive