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Thanksgiving 2022 New Movie Poster Arrivals

Beautiful! Brilliant! Kicks for Everybody! - A hat trick led by BARBARELLA, OKLAHOMA and HOWL, a rare GOAL! and more, as we head into the World Cup and Thanksgiving

Dear Friends and Movie Lovers:

Hello from Hollywood. The U.S. will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving, while the rest of the world looks forward to World Cup action. We don't have a ton of posters focused on either event, but we did just get this rare GOAL! 1 Sheet from 1967. And we've also (finally!) sourced three long sought-after gems: the groovy Japanese BARBARELLA seen above...

...the exuberant, witty Polish OKLAHOMA! and Miyazaki's majestically ramshackle HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. Plus great 80s and 90s titles, French 8 1/2, Danish THE GRADUATE and Italian ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST: New Acquisitions 

Matthew McCarthy
Film/Art Gallery
The Saul Bass Archive