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Being There Movie Posters

Original Vintage Movie Posters @ Film/Art Gallery

Being There Movie Posters

Original Vintage Movie Posters @ Film/Art Gallery

Welcome to the official Film/Art Gallery collection of original Be There movie posters where we offer a wide range of artwork for one of cinema’s ultimate comedy-drama film.

Being There, Hal Ashby’s 1979 adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s novel, is a delightfully dark comedy that, despite a pessimistic bent, offers viewers a good time. A movie well-played by Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine, and features Jack Warden, Melvyn Douglas, Richard Dysart, and Richard Basehart. The movie is filmed at the Biltmore Estate, the largest private home in America, located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Simple-minded Chance (Peter Sellers), a gardener who has lived in Washington, D.C., a townhouse of his wealthy employer and been educated only by television for his entire life, is forced to leave his home when his boss dies. While wandering the streets, he encounters business tycoon Ben Rand (Melvyn Douglas), who assumes Chance to be a fellow upper-class gentleman. Chance is ushered into high society thereafter, and his unaffected gardening wisdom makes him the talk of the town.

Sellers was nominated for Best Actor while Douglas won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Won as Best Screenplay in the British Academy Film Award and the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Adapted from Another Medium. It was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay.

The film opened to positive feedbacks and gave Sellers a hit after many of his previous films outside of the Pink Panther series had flopped.

In the year 2015, the United States Library of Congress chose Being There for preservation in the National Film Registry, finding it "historically, culturally, or aesthetically expressive".

Our collection of original Being There movie posters includes a British poster for the Hal Ashby film. Also included in the Being There poster collection is an artwork by Maria "Mucha" Ihnatowicz. 

Film/Art Gallery movie posters are original prints and film poster collectibles. These are original movie posters. We do not carry any movie poster reproductions or reprints of any kind.