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Saul Bass Archive Vintage Posters

September 2018

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Sane Nuclear Policy Saul Bass Vintage Poster
We are thrilled to introduce our latest collection from the Saul Bass Archive: a group of posters created by Saul for various organizations, charities and causes. It’s an exciting lineup for several reasons. To start with, the posters span three decades, thus representing changes in society and in our shared visual vocabulary, while also highlighting the breadth and depth of Saul’s talent. There are the bold, very “Saul Bass” designs for SANE and FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, along with lyrical, nostalgia-tinged posters for the Girl Scouts and Boys Club, which combine photos and logos.
They also combine to give us a fuller appreciation of the man himself. Represented among the posters in this group are clients and causes that he was deeply committed to, to the extent that he often offered his services free of charge. Through the choices he made and causes he championed - such as the environment, human rights, freedom of press, Girl Scouts - we see beyond the artist. Here is Saul Bass the father, family man and engaged citizen of his country and the World.
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Sane Nuclear Policy Saul Bass Vintage Poster
Boys Club of America Saul Bass Vintage Poster
Freedom of the Press Saul Bass Vintage Silkscreen Poster
Environment Saul Bass Vintage Poster
The United Way Saul Bass Vintage Poster
Girl Scouts of America Saul Bass Vintage Poster
We The People United States Constitution Saul Bass Vintage Poster
Human Rights Saul Bass Vintage Poster
The Princess Grace Fund Saul Bass Vintage Poster
YWCA Saul Bass Vintage Poster
1989 Special Olympics Saul Bass Vintage Poster
Human Rights Watch Saul Bass Vintage Poster
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