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Walk the Walk 1 Sheet (27x41) Original Vintage Movie Poster
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Walk the Walk

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Year: 1970 Country: U.S.A. Size (in inches): 1 Sheet (27x41) Condition: Very Good/Fine: folded w/extra folds/creases & handling wear
Hysterical poster for drug-themed Exploitation, produced by Kroger Babb:  "Go to Hell without dying!"; "Funky is 'hooked' on 'pot' and Broads!"; "Judy has what men want"; "Mike needs a 'fix' but is short on 'bread'!"; "Bert has the needle!"; "Sniff some glue!"; "Smoke some pot"; "Take a rainbow!"; "Try some speed!"; "See a Hippie Wedding!"; "Vital! True! Unbelievable! A Revelation of The Dope Revolution!"; "Spin off on a Trip with LSD!"; "Beg for the Needle"; "Cry for a Fix!";"Scream for Heroin!"; "He lived it- Wrote it- Directed and produced it!"; "They 'Talk-the-Talk'"; "HOW powerful is 'POT'?"; "Millions of youths are hooked!";