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Jaws 3/People 0 8.5x11 Original Vintage Movie Poster
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Jaws 3/People 0 8.5x11 Original Vintage Movie Poster Jaws 3/People 0 8.5x11 Original Vintage Movie Poster

Jaws 3/People 0

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Year: 1979 Country: U.S.A. Size (in inches): 8.5x11


Condition: Very Fine
157 pages, full title: "National Lampoon's JAWS 3/PEOPLE 0". "Revised Final Draft", dated August 13th 1979. "Original Story by Matty Simmons; Final Draft written by John Hughes and Tod Carroll". A fascinating entry in the history of JAWS and its sequels, this proposed follow-up to JAWS 2 began when David Brown and Richard Zanuck, the producers for the first two films, pitched the second Jaws sequel as a spoof. Matty Simmons, fresh off the success of "National Lampoon's Animal House", was brought in as producer, with Brown and Zanuck taking on executive producer roles. Simmons outlined a story and commissioned National Lampoon writers John Hughes (yes - THAT John Hughes) and Todd Carroll for a script, which was about a film crew trying to make a JAWS sequel while being hunted by a Great White. The movie opens with JAWS novelist Peter Benchley being eaten by a shark in his swimming pool, and there's also a part written for Steven Spielberg. The movie also would have featured a recreation of the bonfire beach party and first shark attack, except that in the script the teens are replaced with Hollywood executives partying. There’s also a sequence where a shark is killed and gutted and a litany of items is pulled out of its stomach, including a violin, a coat and some weed. It also wold have featured a tough as nails marine specialist named Pierre Cockatoo, a mix between Jacques Cousteau and Quint. Also, the shark was an alien. Needless to say, Universal executives changed course after realizing that they would be effectively killing off any chance for further sequels, and they went back to the drawing board. The much more traditional JAWS 3-D would eventually be released in 1983.