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Jaws 2 8.5x11 Original Vintage Movie Poster
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Jaws 2 8.5x11 Original Vintage Movie Poster Jaws 2 8.5x11 Original Vintage Movie Poster

Jaws 2

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Year: 1978 Country: U.S.A. Size (in inches): 8.5x11 Condition: Fine/Very Fine (middle metal brad is missing)
"Final Draft Script" dated September 2nd, 1977 for first sequel to Spielberg's 1975 blockbuster. JAWS 2's shoot was as long and grueling - if not more so - than the original film, as the dates on and in the script indicate. After a lengthy pre-production, the film had commenced shooting in June of 1977, and previous "final drafts" of the film exist at least as far back as November 1976. The credits here read "Final Draft Screenplay by Carl Gottlieb" (who had written the first film), "Based on a Story by Howard Sackler & Dorothy Tristan". Ultimately, Tristan's credit was removed and Gottlieb and Sackler were credited with the screenplay, "Based on characters created by Peter Benchley." 133 total pages (on pink, white, yellow and blue paper) containing revisions dated 9/20/77, 9/30/77, 10/3/77, 10/10/77 and 11/17/77. Clearly Gottlieb was continuing to write/rewrite on location, almost thru the completion of principal location photography on December 22, 1977.