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Saul Bass Archive Terms and Conditions – Film Art Gallery
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Saul Bass Archive Terms and Conditions

Saul Bass Archive Terms and Conditions

All items in the Saul Bass Archive over $100 will be discounted by 10%. The checkout code is SAUL100. There are some rules and limits which must be read before any purchase and agreed to, which you can scroll down to view (or click here). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Also, please be aware of possible shipping delays due to the Covid situation.

Please note the following: Only Saul Bass Archive items (not the Film/Art Gallery posters, even those designed by Bass) priced at $100 or more are eligible. There are a limited number of pieces (in some cases only one) allotted for this sale and available for each item. When that number has been reached, there will be no more made available at the discounted price, and there are no "holds" or "rainchecks" or "pay over time" options. The discount will not apply to any previous or future SBA purchases.

Silkscreen posters are included in the promotion, but although you may buy as many different silkscreen posters you like, even if more than one copy of a title is available, EACH CUSTOMER MAY ONLY PURCHASE ONE EXAMPLE OF THAT SILKSCREEN; MULTIPLES OF ANY SILKSCREEN TITLE ARE NOT POSSIBLE AND IF ANY ORDER CONTAINS MORE THAN ONE COPY OF THE SAME SILKSCREEN, THE ORDER WILL BE VOIDED OR REDUCED TO ONE COPY.