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Vintage Original Movie Posters

Saul Bass - Silkscreens

Film/Art Gallery in collaboration with the Saul Bass Archive will be offering a selection of items featuring the many posters designed by Saul Bass (1920-1996) throughout his sixty year career, with examples drawn from his private collection. The collection is in the process of being catalogued with only a portion currently on display. When complete, this online archive will contain a full selection of film and non-film posters, limited-edition print materials, publications and some personal designs.

Saul Bass vintage original film posters are some of the most visually stunning posters anywhere in the world. Saul Bass' original style can be recognized by their strong use of contrast and color while bringing the essential part of the film to life in a single image.

Beginning in the early 1960s, Saul Bass commissioned the Art Krebs Studio in Los Angeles to produce hand-pulled serigraph prints featuring the original design concepts for many of his movie posters (as well as some trade ads). Since the original designs were often modified by the film studio - or , in some cases, not used at all - the silkscreen prints were created to celebrate his original vision. Typically after the film's release, the silkscreens were sent to poster exhibitions or given as gifts to museums, friends, clients, and colleagues.

Saul Bass’ sense of movement and story helped him create a perfect image that stands on its own and adds to the film experience. Please enjoy our selection of Saul Bass silkscreen prints and movie posters.