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Rodgers, George Movie Posters

Original Vintage Movie Posters @ Film/Art Gallery

Rodgers, George Movie Posters

Original Vintage Movie Posters @ Film/Art Gallery

Welcome to the official Film/Art Gallery collection of original George Rodgers vintage movie posters from his critically acclaimed catalog of timeless cinematic contributions.

George Rodgers was a British photojournalist known for his large-scale photography of deaths at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during the end of the WWII.

He found work at the BBC for the The Listener magazine as photographer. He also worked at Black Star Agency in 1938. Because of his photographs of the Blitz, it earned him a job for Life magazine as war correspondent based in the United States. Rodgers may have been the only British war reporter/photographer who was allowed to write a story about the Burma Road by travelling into China.

His photographs were published in Life and Time magazines about the survivors and piles of human remains. They were extremely influential about the reality of the death camps.

Rodger became one of the founding members of Magnum Photos. He spent much time in Africa to photograph the landscape, the people, and the nature. Most of his work was published in National Geographic and also in other magazines and newspapers.

He published his photo essay about indigenous people of the Nuba mountains in the Sudanese province of Kordofan, the Latuka, and other tribes of southern Sudan in National Geographic in 1951.

Rodgers published the following Red Moon Rising in 1943; Desert Journey in 1944; Village des Noubas in 1955, Le Sahara in 1957, George Rodger: Humanity and Inhumanity in 1994, Nuba and Latuka in 2017, Southern Sudan in 2018.

In 2008, A retroactive exhibition of Rodger's work was held at Imperial War Museum North.

Film/Art Gallery's collection of original George Rodgers movie posters includes 1 Sheet (27x41) poster for the 1968 film The Abnormal Female, a Sexploitation film with lesbian and S & M themes. George Rodgers poster collection also includes other posters.

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