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Radvanyi, Geza Movie Posters

Original Vintage Movie Posters @ Film/Art Gallery

Radvanyi, Geza Movie Posters

Original Vintage Movie Posters @ Film/Art Gallery

Welcome to the official Film/Art Gallery collection of origina Gezal Radvanyi vintage movie posters from his critically acclaimed catalog of timeless cinematic contribution.

Geza Radvanyi was a Hungarian writer, producer, cinematographer, and film director. He started in journalism before going to cinema in 1941. He directed Somewhere in Europe and Women Without Names at the end of the 1940's, neorealist dramas. He changed his style during 1950's. He directed the movie L'Étrange Désir de monsieur Bard in 1953, with Genevieve Page and Michel Simon. In 1958, his remake of Madchen in Uniform was a great success, with Lilli Palmer and Romy Schneider. He also created Douze heures d'horloge, with Lino Ventura and Laurent Terzieff, a thriller based on a storyline by Narcejac and Boileau. He was also successful with the slapstick comedy An Angel on Wheels, starring Romy Schneider and Henri Vidal in 1959.

Radvanyi 1961 Das Riesenrad, produced by Arthur Brauner and written by Jan de Hartog and Ladislas Fodor, was submitted into the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival. Unle Tom's Cabin in 1965, produced by Aldo von Pinelli and written by Fred Denger and Radvanyi himself, was entered into the 4th Moscow Internal Film Festival.

He wrote the screenplay for the successful film L'homme orchestre which was produced by Louis de Funès and directed by Serge Korber in 1970.

He finished his carrer with a modest production in 1980, Circus Maximus, in his home country.

Radvanyi's published crime novels under his fictitious name Géza Radvany. He published many novels:16 Heures au Paradis in 1974, Troubles in 1975, Les Otages de la nuit in 1976, Chantage sur canape in 1978, and Drames de dames in 1980.

Film/Art Gallery's collection of original Geza Radvanyi movie posters include a French 1 Panel (47x63) poster, style B, poster artwork by Engel, for the remake of the landmark 1931 lesbian-themed drama Madchen in Uniform. Also included in the Geza Radvanyi poster collection is a rare French double panel 63x94 poster of the same movie.

Film/Art Gallery movie posters are original prints and film poster collectibles. These are original movie posters. We do not carry any movie poster reproductions or reprints of any kind.