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July 2023 New Movie Poster Arrivals

Summer vibes, blockbusters, a massive JAWS and some real rarities

Dear Friends and Movie Lovers:

Hello from Hollywood. We might use the word "rare" a bit too often, but apart from "scarce" and "hard to find", how else can we describe a poster like the Italian DIABOLIK poster above; or these UK BONNIE & CLYDEs, or this STREETCAR 3 Sheet, or an Italian TOUCH OF EVIL, or a 1 Sheet for Norman Mailer's MAIDSTONE, or this massive French JAWS - which is possibly the largest original poster for the film that has survived.

This exquisite Polish poster for Fellini's NIGHTS OF CABIRIA is a first for us, as is the mylar STAR WARS advance 1 Sheet, the NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION Insert and more below. We've also got some returning favorites and fun random finds:
New Acquisitions

Matthew McCarthy
Film/Art Gallery
TheĀ Saul Bass Archive