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4 Old Movie Posters Every Movie Lover Must Have

If you're a true movie lover, then you probably own more than a few movie posters. They're the perfect decor for a home theater, game room, or bedroom. But no movie poser collection is truly complete without the 4 movie posters listed below.

Star Wars

By all accounts, the original Star Wars film should have been an enormous failure. Instead, it transformed the film industry and became the most iconic sci-fi film of all time, launching an entire franchise of movies, merchandise, and theme parks. Of course, any of the Star Wars movie posters would be a great addition to your collection, but if you really want an iconic piece of film history, look for the original poster for the first film, before it received the subtitle of A New Hope.

Breakfast At Tiffany's

The film is set in New York in the 1960s, and Audrey Hepburn is Holly Golightly, an outgoing person who invests her energy in expensive dates and high society parties. Her free nature is changed when she meets her neighbor, a battling writer (George Peppard) who is kept by a rich lady (Patricia Neal). With extraordinary appeal and comedic timing, Hepburn conveys Golightly's strength and fragility, at the same time wearing marvelous, and now notorious, fashion and accoutrement by Givenchy. Some featuring, Robert McGinnis' these vintage film posters are truly beautiful. Hepburn's depiction of Holly Golightly as the gullible, unconventional socialite is by and large thought to be the performing artist's most important and identifiable roles. Audrey Hepburn herself viewed it as one of her most difficult parts.

Pulp Fiction

While not a huge blockbuster like some of the other movies on this list, Pulp Fiction is a cult classic. Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival, this movie has a long list of major stars, from John Travolta to Uma Thurman. If you loved this movie, make sure the poster finds a place on your wall.


The poster for Jaws is incredibly simple in its structure, and yet it’s incredibly powerful in the emotion that it portrays. The simple image of a girl swimming along the surface, unaware of the monster lurking beneath her, perfectly captures the mood of this classic Steven Spielberg film. Anyone who loves movies should get their hands on this poster.

Whether you're decorating your home theater or your studio apartment, these old movie posters make the perfect addition to any movie lover's home.

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