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Old movie posters are more than just a good conversation piece. If you're looking to buy movie posters, they are a great investment and a way to bring more joy to your home or workplace. Movie posters are now recognized as one of the leading art forms of the 20th century, and vintage movie posters often show more than they tell (for many films, the original movie posters had to distill 2 hours or more of film into a single image.)

Purchasing authentic movie posters is now just like purchasing art by Monet or Van Gogh. Old film posters are rare, and their condition dictates their price to a certain extent.

To learn more about starting, growing and preserving your own vintage movie poster collection, check out Film/Art Gallery's Ultimate Guide to Vintage Movie Posters or just enjoy browsing our movie posters for sale.

December 2022 New Movie Poster Arrivals

Hello from Hollywood. Before getting to the new lineup, I wanted to note today's big film news: the once-a-decade Sight and Sound "Greatest Films of All Time" list dropped and featured some dramatic shifts. Chantal Akerman's JEANNE DIELMAN made its debut at number 1, pushing VERTIGO to 2nd place. Now back to the new batch, which is blockbuster-heavy, featuring several of the most popular and wished-for perfect-gift 1 Sheets around.
Other highlights include that irresistible Polish MUPPET MOVIE; the 20"x40" 2001 by "Personality Posters"; Japanese TIFFANY'S & JULIET OF SPIRITSBANDE A PART + more:
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